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Shoeshine Long Handled Premium Metal Shoe Horn 17 Inch / 42 cm

INR 599   INR 299 [Inclusive of all Taxes ]

Shoehorn Made From High Quality Durable Solid Metal

Smooth and Rounded Edges, No Sharp Edges, Wont damage or in cut your shoes

Heavy Duty Solid metal: Length: 42cm / 16.5"-width: 1.6"- thickness 

Sleek Looking Finish and classic blue box packaging make this long handled shoe horn a great gift

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Using the Shoe Horn

1.First start out with your heel gently resting on the shoe horn. Make sure shoe laces are untied and loose for best results.

2.Then gently push your heel down the horn, and at the same time push the shoe horn towards your toes. This creates a kind of wedge between your heel and the shoe opening up the hole of the shoe.

3.As your heel enters the shoe,begin to lift the shoe horn towards your toes and straight out of the shoe.At the end, the shoe horn should be at the same angle as your shoe and your foot. Try to do this in one motion, and no need to push hard onto the horn, your foot should just glide into your shoe as you lift the horn out.

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