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New Shoeshine Rope Shoe Laces 4MM

INR 75   INR 69 [Inclusive of all Taxes ]

Superior Made: High Grade Polyester.

Prevents Fraying: 15mm Long and strong plastic aglet/tips, prevent fraying and keeps laces in tact.

Great shoelaces for Running Shoes, Tennis Shoes, Gym Shoes, Athletic Shoes and Basketball Shoes.


Shoeshine shoe laces are designed and crafted to look and feel great. We use only high grade threads to make shoelaces that feel quality to the touch and provide respectable durability. We offer largest range of shoelaces in country that fulfill taste and need of millions of customers.

NO HASSLE SIZING--String up your footwear and cut to fit, EASY you don't have to worry about the size. The performance of your strings are just as important as it's visual appeal. You can purchase the most durable strings that are designed for performance and are critical for active use. These high-performance strings are for active use. Tanned for superior strength and the ability to stay tied. Recommended for work boots, men's and women's boat shoes, moccasins and craft projects. Great For--construction,  Outdoor, Sporting, Hunting Footwear. Will not melt from welding sparks or camp fires.

SIZING RECOMMENDATIONS: If you’re not sure what size you need, measure your old laces.